Wednesday, July 16, 2008

blog award!

The wonderful Jay at Heartbeatz Creations awarded me with this weblog award! I am just so excited that somebody thought of me :)

So now I need to give this to 7 other blogs. I've FINALLY made my decision on the following:

Thanks girls for the wonderful freebies you have on your blogs!


DeliciousScraps said...

Wow. You have a wonderful blog! I am new to the blogworld and discovering such amazing sites here!!

Thank you so much for the award!!


kissNcontrol said...

thanks so much! That's vey sweet of you! :D


Lisa said...

Thank so much!!

Misschifis Designs said...

Thanks sweetie, appreciate the award, that was very kind of you. I've grabbed your blinkie and am adding you in my freebie list, great blog.