Saturday, November 6, 2010

NSD Freebie!!!

Here is a kit I made for National Scrapbooking Day! It is free this weekend only! On Monday, I will be putting it in the stores. It is full sized - 300 dpi.

Sorry, download expired!

Stores everywhere are having some awesome sales this weekend!!!
Click on the ads to go to the stores:

I don't have an ad for Sophisti-Scraps, but we're having a sale there too as well!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great freebie !!

Meg said...

Thanks for the gift! So pretty! (:

Brandi said...

Thanks for the great feebie kit :)

Gramma Rita said...

Love, love, love this! So unique! Thank you *so* much! :D

Laura said...

Thanks so much

Anisah said...

That is sooo adorable, thanks sooo much!